Forgiveness by God is conditional. It is conditional upon Christ first and our repentance and faith in Him alone second.

By definition, forgiveness involves 2 persons. One must be the offender and one must be the offended. In our salvation experience, God was the Offended and we were the offenders. We long for His forgiveness of our sins against Him but forgiveness is only found in Christ on the cross. Jesus’ blood atones for our sins.

Not everyone receives God’s forgiveness. That’s a hard teaching but it’s biblical. Mankind must confess and forsake his sins to find the mercy of God in Christ (Prov. 28:13). Some people will die and go to an eternal destination of suffering in hell.

This teaching ought to motivate us more to share Christ with those we know who are lost!!! They desperately need the Gospel…and fast. We should not hesitate to share our faith with those who are lost and to teach them about repentance and forgiveness.

If we are offended by someone, then there are 2 possible scenarios that we’ll look at in future posts in this blog! Stay tuned…

-Mark (eager to teach biblical forgiveness in this blog)