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We made a decision early on to provide our services FREE of charge to counselees. Why?

Well, there are several reasons:

  1. We want to glorify God.
  2. God is sovereign and He alone will provide for our ministry by laying our needs upon the hearts of His children.
  3. His Word is free and we simply point people to Christ by teaching them valuable yet free principles from His Word of truth.
  4. We want to be a blessing and not a burden to the hurting souls we serve. Many of them have limited finances. We rarely counsel millionaires!
  5. We do NOT want to look like the world’s system of counseling.
  6. We do NOT want to be like the world and be driven by HOW MANY people we serve – we are focusing upon quality and not quantity. (We are not depending upon having lots of sessions to make our payroll each week though our slate is full every week right now. Praise the Lord.)
  7. We are a ministry – which means we are here to serve (not to be served by paying counselees). This one is VERY important to me. We want to give to others as our first priority. We want to be a blessing.
  8. In reality, we are simply a MISSION (similar to a homeless mission or a food-ministry in many ways since most of the people we serve are unable to pay for our services to them).
  9. Our focus is not upon money but upon serving and obeying Christ – no matter what.
  10. Because we outreach to lost people, we do not want to send a wrong signal about Christ by charging them for our services. For example, when people pay for a service, they expect a certain outcome to be produced. We cannot guarantee the results for our biblical counseling because the Holy Spirit works as He wills (not as we always want b/c He alone is sovereign). Paying counselees often expect outcomes that we cannot produce. (In reality, NO counseling program anywhere can guarantee ANY results – other than pleasing God!!!)
  11. We love watching God work. People freely give to support our ministry when they have been helped. Praise the Lord!

Sadly, many organizations charge at least $100.00 per session for their services and they are merely giving people man’s ideas, theories, and best advice – not the infallible Word of God!  Some Christian organizations are NOT even pointing people to pray and read the Bible – or to depend upon the Holy Spirit or attend church! Instead, they teach psychological theories and ideas and philosophies. It’s so sad.

I’m glad our Board wisely decided to offer our services which are very PROFESSIONAL in that we do things with excellence to the best of our ability – though it is very tough to go this route.

-Mark (professional is a term that comes from Christianity meaning that a “professional” is someone who “professes his/her faith in Christ through their vocation” – so a Christian is to act like a “professional” no matter what the vocation because he/she is “professing” Christ in all that they do – I Cor. 10:31)