My son and I are sitting here in the Moscow airport awaiting our flight to St. Petersburg where we will meet up with Artyom, our translator. Our flight over here was about 9 hours and was really great. We watched Captain America together and had a nice time overall. I’m not sure why it seemed to go so quickly other than God’s grace!

We haven’t slept much at all and I think it’s about 3 a.m. your time. It’s about noon here in Moscow. It’s weird not to have slept and to be sitting around with others during their breakfast and lunch hours. It’s like we lost 8 hours and we don’t know where they went! I hope they come back. 🙂

We are going to stay on local time as best we can and adjust to this time so please pray for that adjustment. That was solid counsel from Wayne and we will sleep well tonight.

It’s been really great getting to see my son be so excited about this trip. He’s such a helpful, servant-minded young man with a positive attitude. He is making this trip a joy already and we haven’t done anything significant yet.

Our plan is to rest today (Friday) and sightsee on Saturday. I preach Sunday and then start teaching on Monday all day through Thursday all day. Then on Friday, we fly up to Siberia where we lose 4 more hours in time zone changes. The schedule will be the very same there with a different group of pastors (Sunday preaching, Mon-Thursday all day teaching).

We are so grateful to Wayne and Susie Vanderweir for their prayers, encouragement, biblical commitment to teach the Word, and WISDOM. Check out their website at and find out what the Lord is doing through their ministry!

Blessings in Christ from Moscow!

-Mark (thankful for traveling mercies as we like to say in Christianity)