Have you ever heard someone say, that you need to get plugged in? In the world of wireless devices and portable everything, doesn’t it seem odd that we use the phrase “get plugged in”. Maybe somehow we know deep down, that the only way to really experience relationship is through human interaction, not electronic communication. How many times do we cut someone short in person, to take an “important call”? Man I am feeling convicted as I type…

I guess my thoughts are focused on re-connecting with the source of life, my relationship with Jesus. In this busy world, it’s so easy to let it slide…. An hour of quiet time, turns into 30 minutes of hurried skimming my Bible, or get-done prayer lists…

It’s time to get plugged in, and just simply shine… (Matthew 5:16)

Kind of ironic I’m dicussing getting more personal in interactions as I sit here on a laptop blogging while others around are fellowshipping….. LOL

I’m gonna visit with some people.

Let me know your thoughts,

Jason (Ephesians 4 still on my mind)