We were able to visit an awesome church last night in Birmingham – Philadelphia Baptist Church – which is one of the churches we are partnering with! The church put together a “Glory Revealed” worship service led by Josh Meredith and Pastor Barry Bruce last night. It was a tremendous time of worship and we loved this time spent in God’s Word with the Word put to music.

A special surprise for us was that David Nasser and Third Day’s Mac Powell were there, too, so we got to tell them “thank you” for their efforts at this CD that glorifies God.

My son got his picture made with Mac! It was exciting for our family as we utilize their worship CD’s in our family worship time. My daughter told her mom, “Mom, that’s Mac Powell,” with excitement as she was the first to recognize him. My wife didn’t believe her at first! We were like school children meeting the President of the United States! I hope we didn’t make Mac feel too awkward.

Mac was with his good friend, David Nasser, who is an incredibly gifted evangelist. He often speaks to young and old sharing the Gospel with thousands! He has written books and is a humble guy who is sold out to the Word of God. Go to www.davidnasser.com to learn more about his ministry.

Also, I encourage you to get the CD, “Glory Revealed,” and David told me that a new, second CD will be out soon! It’s great for family worship as it is the Word of God set to music. Some great new artists collaborated to make the album and it has a Southern flavor to it. Again, the songs are great for a family worship time or in congregational singing.

What a thrill to be worshipping God and to be right where God wants you – and He blesses you! We went to worship Him and were blown away by the fantastic job that PBC did as led by the Holy Spirit. Then, we met 2 great men of faith that we have admired for many years now!

It’s fun to be a Christian!

-Mark (smiling from ear to ear and loving God’s Word set to music)