I told someone recently that I appreciate the heart’s desire of many in psychology who want to help hurting souls. These folks are compassionate. It’s just that their goal is not enough. God offers more. God wants more!

I know that God offers more than just help. God offers Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. God offers a relationship to us that is eternal. God offers us His wisdom and His shepherding and His power and His purpose for us in this life and in the life to come (eternal).

At TIL, helping people is our secondary goal and really is a by-product of achieving our first goal: glorifying God by reconciling people to Christ. We want to see people saved and surrendered to Christ. We want them to serve Him by functioning in His body. We want to see them overcome their problems through obedience to Christ so that they can comfort and help others to be reconciled to God (II Cor. 1:3-4). We want to see them TRANSFORMED and believe God is still in that business of transforming His children by His grace!

Not only do we want people helped, we want God glorified through all we say and do. We honor His Word of truth and deliver it in the love of Christ.

God offers more than just temporary relief from problems – that’s all the world and psychology can offer. God offers that and more – eternal life!

-Mark (seeking to glorify God and watch the Lord reconcile hurting souls to Himself)