In an update letter of a so-called Christian ministry that helps those struggling with addiction, I did not once see the name “Jesus Christ” in an 8 page newsletter! How can you tell me that Jesus could not be written once in a newsletter/promotional update letter that is 8 pages long!?!?!!??!

I stand amazed but wonder why I am when the Christian world continues to embrace the 12 Steps (and C.R.) when those steps clearly teach man-centered, humanistic teachings!

Here is a letter that was in the newsletter called, “Goodbye My Love” written by a successful graduate of this program. The letter is addressed to “Addiction” as though addiction is an entity outside of oneself – a disease. Here’s the letter. As you read it, listen to the victim mentality and how this person fails to take personal responsibility (remember this is talking to Addiction):

Hey, Old Friend,

Haven’t talked to you in a little while. I’ve been busy with some important things. You see, this past arrest hurt me a lot. I know you keep telling me it’s not your fault, but I know better now.   (NOTE: the person is blaming addiction for their arrest)

When I came to this program, I believed you. I blamed my screw-ups on bad luck and other people. But I’ve been learning some things. I’ve learned that you’ve been lying to me the whole time we’ve been together. I’ve managed to take a look at our relationship from the outside in, and I realize that you’ve been abusing me, and taking advantage of me anytime you can. You are a selfish creature, you want me all to yourself, causing me to push away and hurt all the people that love me, so in the end all I have is you. And you want me dead or locked up. So for obvious reasons I now consider our relationship a pretty sick and twisted one.

Lucky for me, it turns out I don’t have to have you, believe it or not. Since our separation, I’ve come to terms with something I’d like to call my HIGHER POWER. As a matter of fact, me and my HIGHER POWER now share a relationship that is exponentially better than the one you and me shared. Our connection is based on LOVE instead of FEAR. Imagine that!

Now I know we’ve had some good times in the past, sure. But even though those good times, I was living out of FEAR, constantly being chased, and chasing the wrong things. Now I live out of LOVE. I live to be a channel of LOVE.

That is my life now. I’m through with you. This is it. I know you don’t believe me and you’re probably not taking this seriously. You probably won’t leave me alone for the rest of my life. I don’t care. I have my HIGHER POWER. Notice the word POWER? He’s more powerful than you. And He’s on my side. So you can bring it on and give it all you’ve got, because I am through with you, and I am no longer afraid. – Graduate of the program

While there are some seemingly good things in this letter, a Christian rehab that is afraid to call the only true God by name (Jesus) and chooses to use HIGHER POWER is baffling to me! They take the “Christ” out of “Christian” and are simply left with “ian” and there’s too much “I” in “ian” for my liking. I need Christ more than I need my thoughts!

To learn the TRUTH about Addiction, don’t believe this letter and attend our Addiction Counselor Training event on July 19-21 and August 2-4, 2012, at Briarwood Church in Birmingham, AL. You will NOT be disappointed in the teachers and the practical lessons you learn from the sufficient Word of God!

-Mark (Goodbye to the Disease Concept – Hello to the Truth that addiction is a product of a sinful heart)