We talk a lot about the grace of God and His great love for us. So why do we need His grace?

The answer is: because we miss the mark – also called sin.   Grace greater than all our sins!

A Holy God Who is pure and without any sin Himself holds us all accountable for just one sinful offense against Him and punishes those who fail to repent and place their trust in Christ alone for eternal life.

We need God’s grace because of our sins.

I hear a lot about God’s grace and everyone seems to agree it’s needed but then when I mention sin to those same people, they get offended! How remarkable because our sins are what caused us to need God’s grace!

Grace from what? Our sins which continue even after we become Christians. I am in daily need of God’s grace for my sins. And guess what? He always provides it through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We must abide in His grace!

-Mark (thankful to God for His grace that overrides all of my sins – and yours, too!)