While it is not a biblical article, this secular online report from The Rolling Stone recognizes the heroin overdose epidemic that is occurring in several mid-Western states.

If you aren’t familiar with the recent problem, here is a summary for you from a different article about Hamilton County (home of Cincinnati):

Authorities have said nearly 300 overdoses have been reported in the Cincinnati area since Aug. 19, including 174 reports in a six-day period. The coroner’s office has confirmed carfentanil, which can be thousands of times stronger than morphine and is used to sedate elephants, was present in at least eight overdose deaths in recent weeks.

Carfentanil is 10,000 times stronger than morphine I am told and it is being mixed in with heroin that goes undetected until the person overdoses. 174 overdoses in a 6-day period is incredible (that’s 29 per day!).

Let’s pray that our society looks to the Lord for answers rather than to man’s ideas which don’t work for everlasting heart change! God is still in the business of transforming the heart that seeks pleasure and an escape from pain. That’s why I wrote The Heart of Addiction, Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies, Cross Talking: A Daily Gospel for Addicts, Addiction-Proof Parenting, and a ton of booklets on addiction-related topics!

God’s Word provides answers and practical help for the addict!

-Mark (celebrating the God of transformation in National Recovery Month!)