Homicides have nearly doubled in Tijuana. 1,744 people died in 2017 and many of them were connected to drug dealing, drug abuse, and addictive choices.

These deaths are the unintended consequences of addiction. The world-wide addiction problem could become our modern day bubonic plague that killed 25 million people in under 5 years in Europe in the Middle Ages. In comparison, accidental overdoses alone in 2016, the U.S. recorded 64,000 deaths. That number was for one year in one country that identified one small slice of the proverbial pie of addiction (accidental overdoses only). There are many other deaths that occur related to addiction and families are impacted forever when they lose loved one as the article referenced above details. We are not to the bubonic plague level yet but if the church continues to turn a blind eye and believes that it is irrelevant and incompetent for dealing with addiction, then the numbers will increase astronomically. The time is now for the church to do something.

I hope you will join with me in combating the problem of addiction. I am now offering biblical church training nationwide to empower the local church to offer real hope for the problem of addiction. Call 205-910-0085 if you would like more information on this training.

-Mark (praying for God to stir the hearts of His people to want to attack the problem of substance abuse with biblical solutions)