Do you believe Christ can overcome any problem in your life?

Has He done so?

Share your testimony with us on this blog: it will encourage us all.

I believe. I see it many times when we counsel others. We see them come in down and discouraged and leave with confidence and hope in Christ. Then, we meet with them again in a week or so and they continue to do well because God is working in their situation!

Recently, I was encouraged by a marriage reconciliation through our ministry that in the “natural,” looked to be “hopeless.” But God is faithful and He worked a miracle in their hearts like no one can. These people were obediently applying the Word of God to their lives, praying for change, and doing the hard work required by the Lord…and He rescued and restored their relationship from utter doom and divorce!

Praise the Lord!

Now, they don’t have to “cope” with a hard divorce for the rest of their days on this earth. Instead, they are rejoicing in the Lord’s grace.

-Mark (recognizing the power is in Christ not in any person)