Recently, I took my fam to see the second Chronicles of Narnia film based on the book by C.S. Lewis. There are several great themes in the movie, but one of them was about rushing in AHEAD of Christ. The Christ-like figure was Aslan, the lion, and the main characters were tempted to solve problems in their own strength. (I won’t spoil the movie for you!)

I thought about biblical counseling and the importance of both the counselors and counselees relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit to solve problems. Real hope only comes from the divine power of Christ. Counselees are urged to DO the work required by God to overcome their problems according to the Holy Scriptures; however, they are NOT to do so by their own strength but to ask the Lord through prayer to provide the power necessary to overcome the particular problem being addressed.

God is faithful and He can be trusted to provide the power necessary. When He does so, He alone gets the glory.

Sometimes, we face insurmountable odds (like in the movie) to overcome our fears, a looming divorce, or an anger problem. When we get broken and cry out to Jesus, He answers us with real hope and power through the Holy Spirit working in conjunction with the Word of God.

Don’t settle for coping with your problems for the rest of your life. Cry out to Jesus and begin doing what God requires in His Word. God will bless Christians who put the hard work of obedience to Christ in action!

-Mark (obedience is better than sacrifice)