What about in the arena of giving money? “I want to give to this organization” rather than “I feel led to give to this organization.” Sometimes, I think we want to justify our giving as though it is super-spiritually led by the Spirit and it makes us feel more secure in our decision – almost like we are convincing ourselves.

In many places of the Bible, the Lord commands us to be good stewards of our money. For example, the Old Testament indicates that we are to tithe. So based on God’s Word, why don’t we just say, “I want to give this money to you as unto the Lord. I’ve prayed about it and believe that it’s the right thing to do based upon the Scriptures.”

Maybe this is a controversial issue. My point is that God leads us by His Spirit in accordance with His Word so anything more than that is simply extra. God does not need our help to make His Word extra special or extra spiritual. It already is!

-Mark (thanking God for the simplicity of His Word)