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Did you realize that churches can exist, have programs, preaching, and the like without having FAITH or being led by the Holy Spirit? It’s true. Some churches operate today without any faith.

I think the key is being a GIVING church. Churches will NEVER out give God. So why not keep giving to real ministry and trust God to provide what is needed to sustain ministry? Why not give more outside the church than inside the church?

I love the philosophy of the founder of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Frank Barker, to give 50% outside the local church. Dr. Barker not only led the church he pastored to live this way, but he lived out in his personal life, too. 

Sometimes, I think it should be more than 50%! Why don’t we do more for others than for ourselves and our own church programs? Are we having to sustain lots of activities and events to entertain the members and keep them coming in attendance?

What about those who are starving in Africa? Are we helping them or are we more concerned about our senior adult trip to Callaway Gardens or our youth trip to Six Flags?

Just asking some tough questions to make us all think about how we steward HIS money that He gives us. Are you being obedient? Are you a giver? Are you living by faith? Is your church?

Hebrews 11:6a: “And without faith it is impossible to please him…”

-Mark (so thankful for the many churches who are living by faith today and that includes both big and small churches alike!)

Excerpted from the English Standard Version of the Bible – go to www.esvstudybible.org to get one today!