When family members have a loved one who is acting in a bizarre, dangerous, extreme, abnormal, or unusual manner, they want a “diagnosis” for that loved one. They want to know exactly what is wrong so it can be treated. They want their loved one “diagnosed.”

Could it be a sin issue?

In the medical field, OBJECTIVE tests are run like blood tests, MRI’s, X-rays, and CT scans, etc. Next, the medical doctor uses this OBJECTIVE information to make his diagnosis. He interprets the objective data, makes a diagnosis or follow-up tests to confirm his diagnosis, and then prescribes the medical treatment to bring healing OR manage the problem effectively.

This is NOT the case in the MAJORITY of secular psychiatric, psychological visits. In most of these cases, the psychology “expert” asks a set of prescribed questions to the patient whose answers are SUBJECTIVE (since no one can know their thoughts, feelings, pain, etc.). Unfortunately, the questions probe in such a manner to bring the desired response – not always but often. Then, the psychology “expert” gives a diagnosis based upon subjective “data” (answers given by the patient) and prescribes a treatment often including group therapy, meds, etc.

The expert often says, “Now, this may take 6 weeks to BEGIN to work. If it doesn’t work after 6 weeks, come back to me and we’ll make some adjustments.” Wow, what a setup! If this doesn’t work and you are still suicidal and depressed, come back and pay me again and I’ll try something else based upon “my faulty, subjective diagnosis.” What a deal!

I cannot tell you how many times I hear this from people. While there are fine Christian psychology experts out there, the vast majority of secular ones do not practice real, diagnostic medicine. And we know that over 70 physical illnesses contribute to depression!

Someone recently asked me, “how do you counsel someone with a physical problem like ‘clinical depression’?”  My response: “You said the key word – physical. I do NOT give medical advice for physical problems. I send them to a REAL medical doctor who does REAL medical tests to diagnose REAL physical problems.” Staph infections, low thyroid, and other medical conditions may have the symptoms of depression – that’s why REAL medical lab tests should be done.

Sometimes there is a physical problem that must be diagnosed and treated.

If there are no real physical problems, then we counsel from a biblical, spiritual perspective giving people practical put-ons to replace sinful or unbiblical thinking, speaking, and acting. In time, many have overcome panic attacks and similar problems that manifest in the physical realm though they are rooted in the spiritual realm of one’s heart, soul, mind, and emotions.

The Bible deals with the heart, soul, mind, and emotions of men. God, Who is the Great Physician, knows what He is doing!

Sometimes the diagnosis is simply “sinful thinking, acting” or “sinful fear, sinful anger, or sinful sadness” – all of which are addressed in the Bible and give hope to a person who confesses his/her sin to a forgiving God!

-Mark (thankful for those physicians who practice real, objective medicine in the love of Christ)