So many of us do NOT want to believe that problems can be diagnosed as “sin” or “selfishness” or “self-centeredness”. Why is that?

Until we confess our sins and ask God to forgive us through Christ Jesus, we stay in bondage (I John 4:8). Acknowledging and facing our sinful thoughts, words, and actions unleashes the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome those sinful tendencies!

Jason Cooke said to me a wise thing: “I wish people were as concerned about their sinful thinking, speaking, and acting as they are the swine flu.”

Sin is the big, pink elephant in the living room that no one wants to talk about – but it’s absolutely necessary to deal with according to the true Gospel of Christianity.

If we ignore sin and call it by another name (like narcissism instead of pride, like alcoholism instead of drunkenness, like generalized anxiety rather than sinful fear, etc.), then we stay enslaved to the devil and we never experience the freedom offered in Christ.

-Mark (thankful that there is an answer for my sins, the Lord Jesus Christ and His atoning blood)