People who want a divorce say, “I’m not in love anymore” as though the fleeting feeling of love is the basis for marriage. Real love is what marriage requires you to do – commit loving acts toward your spouse for the glory of God! It’s an ACTION and not a feeling primarily, though it is a feeling secondarily.

When you choose to love someone, you are supposed to do so REGARDLESS of whether they deserve it or not AND regardless of whether they respond the way you want them to (or not!). Missionaries in other countries are CHOOSING to love lost people regardless of how they respond to them.

Biblically speaking, love is one of the VOWS you make when you marry! You promise to love, honor, and cherish your spouse…for better or for worse…for sickness or in health…until DEATH do us part!

Most people view marriage like a young teenage boyfriend-girlfriend dating relationship that breaks up when those puppydog feelings of “love” wear off.

When married couples come to see us for counseling, they are usually experiencing the part of the vow which is best characterized by the “for worse” stage of marriage, but that does not mean they can divorce without biblical grounds!

I am always disappointed when people give up on their marriage and file for divorce because indirectly, they are giving up on God to change the heart of their spouse and even themselves!

God is still in the heart changing business and by His grace, He can mend any broken relationship!

-Mark (urging married persons NOT to give up on God to work in their marriages)