I remember hearing that phrase long ago and now it makes sense to me: firsthand!

I have been finding out that several churches are implementing a Truth in Love model of counseling – even a few in our local area! How cool is it that churches would imitate this little ministry’s essential concepts of glorifying God, discipling believers, and evangelizing the lost in a team biblical counseling format?

I remember when the Lord gave me the idea and I began telling people about it. Most everyone heard it and said, “Yeah, that makes sense. Two counselors. Lay people. Get people involved in discipleship in a biblical way totally relying upon the Holy Spirit. Fulfilling the Great Commission.” A simple concept with profound implications to impact the body of Christ and reach hurting souls.

To date, the model is working wonderfully even though we’ve been under-staffed and under-funded at TIL to really work the model like we’d want to do it if we had more financial resources. Still, it works so to God be the glory! A little is much when God’s in it!

Oh, yeah, and I wrote the book about the model so that churches can do it. I’m hearing more and more how churches in our area and across the land are trying to implement this model and are using the Strength in Numbers book to do it! Praise the  Lord!

So, when you hear about a church doing our TIL model, rejoice with me that the church is finally “getting it” and wanting to shepherd their people properly (I Peter 5). A lack of truly shepherding the body of Christ is what motivated me to start this ministry as I am grieved at how poorly the flock of God is being shepherded by the leaders in God’s church, especially in the bigger churches. People are getting lost in the cracks of the bigger churches, I’m afraid, and even in smaller ones, too, when the leaders fail to provide ways to shepherd their church members.

-Mark (flattered at the imitators and wanting to be imitated even more so that more souls can be saved and helped!)