Physically, when young people smoke cigarettes, it is said that it “stunts their growth” primarily because it suppresses their appetite. Thinking about this same concept in a spiritual sense: what suppresses our appetite for spiritual food from God’s Word? In other words, what stunts our spiritual growth?

Here are some of the things that suppress our spiritual appetite for the things of God:

1) Feeding the flesh rather than the Holy Spirit.

2) Sin.

3) The cares of this world (Luke 21:34).

4) Drunkenness and drug use CAN suppress our hunger for Christ – even psychotropic drugs! We must be careful (ask your doctor what the physical side effects are – but the spiritual side effects can be suppression of a spiritual hunger for Christ) when taking any medication because they all have side effects.

5) _______ You fill in the blank in a posted response to this blog topic!

-Mark (we’ll leave this one up for awhile for you to answer – we’d love to see your posts)