Everything that Job lost was doubled by the end of the book except for his children. Why?

In Job 1:3, he had 7,000 sheep and in Job 42:12 he had been restored double that with 14,000 sheep. Camels, oxen, and donkeys were doubled, too.

Job was given twice as much in physical possessions, but not physical children. He was given 10 more children but not 20. Why?

I believe the implication is that all 10 of his first set of children will be in heaven so the next set of 10 were given as twice as much SPIRITUALLY speaking though not physically. I think the promise of God was to save Job’s 2nd set of children so Job did have 20 souls saved. It was a spiritual doubling not a physical doubling.

Don’t you want your children in heaven? I know I do. It’s a main concern and prayer of my heart!

I want to be like Job in Job 42:16 who saw his children and grandchildren for 4 generations.

-Mark (God is the God of redemption and His blessings in His economy are phenomenal because He can bless us spiritually as well as physically)

P.S. I love Job 42:10 tells us that Job prayed for his friends! Wouldn’t we all love to haveĀ  a friend like Job?