Do you know facts about God?

Or do you KNOW God intimately?

There is a difference. God wants you to know Him relationally, deeply, and intimately. He doesn’t want you to simply know facts about Him.

When you know Him, you find eternal life (John 17:3; I John 5:20). Think about that: eternal life is knowing God, not knowing a bunch of facts about God, but knowing Him relationally.

Christianity is NOT a bunch of rules, rituals, and do’s/don’t’s. It teaches a relationship with God through Jesus Christ only Who is the way and the truth and the life.

God is relational. Read all the books you want, but when it comes down to it, talk to Him in prayer and listen to Him in Spirit and in the truth of His Word. Then, trust Him by obeying what He says because when you truly know Him, you know He is good. He will take care of you.

In fact, He likes you.

-Mark (God likes me better than I like myself)