Now that you are dead to yourself, you are to be alive to Christ. You are to live for Him!

What a difficult life Jesus lived! It was not a life of ease.

Jesus was challenged by religious leaders. Jesus said things that people became so angry about that they tried to kill Him several times. They finally executed their plan when He willing went to the Cross at Calvary, but He only did so with us in mind. I’m glad He did because now I’m saved by His grace through the faith He’s given me to believe upon Jesus as the Messiah!

Learning to live for Him means a life of sacrifice and giving. We are to emulate Christ Who gave His everything, even His life for us, and we are to give our all to help others for His glory!

Join us in this endeavor! Partner with us at Truth in Love Ministries to glorify God by speaking His Words of truth in the love of the Holy Spirit to hurting souls (Eph. 4:15).

-Mark (recognizing that Christ is worth it!)