I write about the victim mentality in my books because I’ve learned that most people really want to think of themselves as irresponsible, helpless victims (see Genesis 3:12-13).

This story is very sad to me and epitomizes the victim mentality extremely well, unfortunately so. Read the story below:


This man who was convicted and sentenced to jail because he was GUILTY of a crime – he decides he was not in the wrong despite 6 eye witnesses to the contrary and despite his own intoxicated perspective – and is suing the victim’s estate. 

Now, this man is causing the victim’s family more grief and they are described as “breathless” as he sues them for his so-called damaging effects. How tragic!

Had this man not been driving drunk at 70 – 90 miles per hour, none of his own damaging effects would have occurred!

Addiction is not a disease. It is a sin and it must be taken seriously as such. It must be viewed as one’s own responsibility rather than a disease. When sin is not confessed and admitted in any case, then it only brings more sin and blindness by the sinner. Such appears to be the case here.

Let’s pray for the victim’s family as well as this troubled man and his sister who is his attorney that they would all discover the love of Christ through this despicable ordeal.

-Mark (the victim mentality is real for those blinded by sin and failing to take their own responsibility for their actions)

Eph. 5:18 “And do not be drunk with wine, which leads to debauchery (or ‘utter ruin’), but be filled with the Holy Spirit”