Truth in Love Ministries is NOT a one man show! We have a TEAM of people running the administration of the ministry as well as teams of biblical counselors. We are a TEAM in every way and I depend so heavily on everyone involved in the ministry.

What triggered this blog was how many ministries I see with the person’s name on it. I understand them doing it and I don’t have a problem with it for them. That’s between them and God. But I’m so glad we chose to name this ministry, Truth in Love Ministries, because it is about JESUS only: His truth shared in His love!!!

So while we sell my books and I primarily teach and disciple, the ministry is NOT a one human man show but it is a one Man show: the Son of man, our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s His show, so to speak, and we are wanting to show Him off to glorify His mighty Name!

We are proclaiming Christ (Col. 1:28). We are proclaiming His mesage, not mine. I didn’t think of the message – He did. It’s His truth and His love that He speaks and does through us!

-Mark (so grateful our ministry is about Jesus only!)