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Ok, Ok, I get it. Recovery is the word everyone recognizes with addiction. And Recovery is a very good thing if you have a surgical procedure! Let’s face it, you either get wheeled into the recovery room or into the morgue after surgery so Recovery is a very good word in that sense!

But that’s precisely the problem with the word “recovery” for the spiritual problem of addiction – it points people to medical solutions when the ultimate solution is TRANSFORMATION of the heart’s desires from pleasing self to living to please Christ. And if we promote ‘recovery’ over ‘transformation’ then we are pointing people away from the eternal, spiritual solution to a medical so-called solution that is truly hollow and temporal at best (if it is really a solution at all). Are there physical issues related to addiction? Absolutely. But is that all there is to the problem? Absolutely not – there is a spiritual problem, too, and it is much more important to address than the physical because eternity is at stake!

It’s September so the world celebrates “National Recovery Month” which is a GOOD thing but I have a better thing to celebrate for Christ followers: “National Transformation Month.”

That’s what God offers the true believer in Jesus Christ: transformation! God wants to go beyond recovery to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit!

So let’s celebrate MORE than sobriety and recovery!!!

-Mark (daily being transformed by His grace and truth)