I decided to write a quick, 5 part series on the marks I look for in a transforming “addict” that begins tomorrow. Every other day, there will be a new blog on the mentalities of an “addict” and the opposite mind of Christ that we strive to see as we counsel those enslaved to an “addiction.” These 5 marks of a transforming “addict” were derived from Matthew 22:37-40 and Ephesians 5:18-21 and are merely meant to give biblical counselors tangible “fruit” to look for when someone is truly repentant and being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

My desire is to see the church, the body of Christ, begin to address this problem once again rather than turning the problem over to the world. We in the faith family need to have compassion and present the truth in love to this life-dominating and devastating problem.

Go to www.theaddictionconnection.org to find out more about how to obtain training, resources, and certification in a biblical approach to addiction counseling!

The series begins tomorrow.

-Mark (praising the Lord that churches in Siberia, St. Petersburg, Russia, and in the USA are addressing “addiction” issues by calling the problem “idolatry” and utilizing the sufficient Word of God)