Today’s announcement by the President that the opioid crisis will now be a national public health emergency will bring heightened awareness to this long-standing problem. That’s the good news.

My hope is that the federal government will recognize faith-based entities like the places where I have been employed to be supported. Old approaches have not been working. It is time for new solutions.

The NewDay Center in Indianapolis, IN, is where I labor to serve addicted persons with the hope of the Gospel for the heart of addiction. I make no secrets that my goal is to expand the Kingdom of God as I plea for the Lord to enlarge the hearts of those who come to our program at NewDay. That approach is just as valid as the approaches of the past 84 years when the theory that addiction as a disease began to be popularized. Approaches based on a theory that the problem is a disease are no more valid than the fact that addiction is better termed “drunkenness” and “idolatry” according to the truth of God’s Word. 90% of addiction programs use the disease theory and have not had great results which is why we continue to be in the middle of a drug addiction crisis in our country.

It is time for a new approach.

I have discovered a new approach that is truly based on evidence but ignored by many: the biblical approach to addiction. And it works. But it only works when God works by His Spirit in the hearts of those who hear biblical truth. If a treatment program fails to use the Word of God, they will not have the power of the Holy Spirit working to transform lives through lasting heart change. That’s what is lacking in 90% of the programs that already exist. No Word of God, no Holy Spirit transforming power. It is pretty simple.

So, in reality, the biblical approach gives God a chance to demonstrate His omnipotence, omniscience, grace, and love in the hearts of the addicted. That’s what we do at NewDay – use biblical truths in our counseling approach and cry out for God to do His work for His glory.

-Mark (join me in prayer as we seek God’s power for lasting change in the hearts of those struggling with an addiction)