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Can you present the Gospel without mentioning the bad news that we all have a sin problem that is going to kill us and send us to a real place in eternity called hell?

Sin is a vital ingredient of the Gospel like apples are a vital ingredient to apple pie!

We have a sin problem yet no one talks about sin. People will talk about their psychological label with pride, “I’m an alcoholic” as though it’s a badge of honor. It has now become an honor to people when it used to be (and biblically still is) a sin issue.

The world changes sin and makes it into a sickness so that it’s ok and acceptable. But not God. Not His Word. God calls sin “sin.” God knows we need a Savior greater than all of our sins.

Share the Gospel today and share the reality of sin with someone.

-Mark (acknowledging my sin and desperate need for the Savior, my Lord Jesus Christ)