Think about it: If you are on vacation and resting, then you are NOT working. The second you start working while being on vacation, your rest stops.

The opposite is true. When you are working hard, you are not resting. The second you stop working and start resting, then work stops. You cannot do both.

Rest and Work are independent of each other. You do not rest and work at the same time – at least, if you try to mix them, then really you are doing NEITHER.

Likewise, as Christians, we realize that we are saved by GRACE not by works so that no one may boast (Eph. 2:8-9). We did not work or earn His grace! In fact, the two things (work and grace/rest) are independent of each other.

I want to rest in His grace knowing I did not earn it and knowing that I did not deserve it. And I want to remember that since I did not earn it, I cannot lose His grace! It’s a free gift.

Free gift to me but it cost Jesus His life on the Cross. Just like a free meal given to me at a restaurant given to me by the manager may be free to me, but it cost that restaurant owner/manager food costs! Eternal life has a price tag – Jesus paid it all. This is the primary message of biblical counseling.

-Mark (praising God that my debt is paid in full)