As you may have heard in today’s podcast, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Addictions Counseling Specialization: Education Phase online course, created in collaboration with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and Grace Counseling Center in Florence, KY.

If you’re an ACBC Certified Counselor desiring an addictions specialization, this is for you! If you aren’t certified, you’re still welcome to take the online course, but you won’t be able to proceed to the examinations that follow.

Instructions for ACBC Certified Counselors:

  • Sign up and complete the online course in its entirety.
  • Read 1,200 pages from the approved reading list. TAC recommends you read the books by Dr. Mark Shaw as it will complement the material in the online course.
  • When you’ve completed the Education Phase (Phase 1), contact ACBC for the next step of the process (Phase 2).
  • ACBC’s Phase 2 will include a multiple-choice exam and written exam.
  • The Addiction Connection & Grace Counseling Center DO NOT provide the examinations from ACBC.
  • When you finish this online course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Download this certificate to your computer as proof of completion of the 20+ hours of lectures from an ACBC certified training center.

Learn more and sign up today!