Check out this link above to a recent story about Operation B.L.U.E. Lights in Kentucky from June 1, 2012, to September 4, 2012 (Labor Day). That’s a couple days over 3 months and they had over 3,000 drug-related arrests in that short amount of time. That’s over 1,000 arrests per month at ROUTINE checkpoint stops!!!!!!!!!!!! And we think the roads are safe! Ugh.

Here’s a quote from that link:

The agency held 1,640 safety checkpoints across the state that produced 2,072 DUI arrests, 1,462 drug arrests and the apprehension of 41 fugitives. There were 8,932 seat belt citations written and 933 child seat violations during this time period.

The good news is that maybe now some of these people will get help. The bad news is that most medicalized places that offer help have a 10% to 40% success rate.

Thankfully, Jesus has a 100% success rate when He touches and transforms the human heart’s desires for pleasure into living for Christ alone.

-Mark (saddened that the state I was born in has that many drug problems but thankful for the police and their commitment to do a tough job!)