Paul the Counselor book coverIt always humbles me to see others appreciate the hard work that goes into a book. And it is even more humbling when someone emails to say that a book has encouraged them in their walk with Christ. Both have happened with the new Paul the Counselor book that I edited with Bill Hines, author of Leaving Yesterday Behind, for 2.5 years. We relied upon the expertise of 23 different biblical counselors, many of them working in tandem on chapter topics.

I was humbly blessed to see that Paul the Counselor was voted as one of the best books of 2014 in the biblical counseling movement by the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC). What a thrill and an honor! Here’s the BCC review below and a link to read about all of the other great books listed in this blog post:

Paul the Counselor: Counseling and Disciple-Making Modeled by the Apostle Paul by Mark Shaw and Bill Hines, Focus Publishing

We can look to many biblical sources to develop an approach to biblical counseling. Paul the Counselor looks to the apostle Paul as an authoritative and relevant model for our one-another ministry today. Paul had a passion to help Christians grow spiritually and apply biblical principles to the everyday challenges they encountered and that we face today. In this sense, Paul taught the same lessons that biblical counselors teach today. We are all called to counsel and disciple one another dependent upon Christ’s gospel of grace contained in Christ’s all-sufficient Word of life. In this multi-authored volume, leading biblical counselors explore Paul’s ministry to discuss topics such as Paul’s model of change, Paul’s lessons on temptation, renewing the mind, women in ministry, leaving the past behind, and much more.

Thank you to the BCC for standing for the sufficiency of Scripture in the discipline of providing biblical help for hurting people!

-Mark (humbled by God’s goodness to me, an undeserving person)