Paul David Tripp coined the phrase “personal ministry” for biblical counseling which is really discipleship (Matt. 28:18-20).

You have the pulpit ministry in churches. You have small groups. AND now you can have “personal ministry” which is what we champion at TIL in teams of two.

We want to get people involved in the lives of others and believe Christians are much more competent to counsel than the best secular, unbelieving, non-Christian psychiatrist available.

Yes, you Mr. Christian or Ms. Christian, you are the best counselor in town but you must put forth effort to learn what the Scriptures say about particular problems like fear, worry, anger, idolatry, and many other problems.

So let me urge you to attend one of our training classes which involves both the classroom and in-session team training. Join our team and we’ll help you do personal ministry in your local body or in one of them that we are privileged to serve!

-Mark (eager to strengthen your ministry that the Lord has called you to do)