While most people are celebrating the fourth of July tomorrow, my sister Cierra will be on a plane headed for Tanzania, Africa.  She is going with a group of 9 individuals from Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, Alabama to minister to local people they have relationships with.  She has sent us a prayer card with the following requests on it. Thanks in advance for those of you who might chose to lift her up during this time!

  1. Psalm 119:54: For His Word to guide them
  2. For safety as they travel to and from the island
  3. For the teachers they will be teaching English to, that they would see Christ in them, and that they might come to trust Christ as their Savior.
  4. That as they walk in the light of His presence the darkness around the island would be dispelled (Psalm 89:15-17)
  5. That Cierra would teach and encourage with wisdom and intentionality (Proverbs 31:26)
  6. That Cierra would take every opportunity to share Christ (Philemon 6)


Cierra will finish with a  four day stay in Rome, Italy where she is meeting with local Church leaders there in attempt to plan for future missions and opportunities to be used by God in the lives of young people there.  Please pray that she will yield to the Lord’s plan for her future!

THANK YOU for allowing me to share a prayer request with you.

Is there anything we can corporately pray for you?

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-Jason (thankful to have a sister that is sold out to JESUS!)