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The Bible says to “rejoice with those who rejoice” and we’re rejoicing at God’s work through our ministry! To God be the glory!

My newest book, Strength in Numbers: The Team Approach¬†to Biblical Counseling, ¬†is now available (finally!) through our ministry and Focus Publishing. It’s featured on the front page of Focus’s website! Check it out here: http://www.focuspublishing.com

It’s always exciting to be used by God and I am praying that this book will encourage and inspire many to do TEAM biblical counseling! The book gives the rationale as well as practical help for getting lay persons involved in biblical counseling in teams of two.

I hope you will rejoice with us and pray that the Lord will use this short book to help Christians get involved in the difficult work of biblical counseling that is made stronger in a TEAM setting. We know how important teamwork is to strengthen the body of Christ!

-Mark (praising God Who uses a young, foolish man like me and a young ministry like Truth in Love for His own glory)