Shouldn’t be a surprise that marijuana causes problems with our mental health but I don’t think people realize how much doing illicit drugs affects someone’s ability to think and make good decisions that please the Lord.

Are we seeing more “psychosis” and “schizophrenia” today? Yes. Is there a link between them and THC (marijuana)? Yes, there can be. Any chemical (drug) has SIDE EFFECTS, even merely psychoactive drugs that are less harmful than marijuana.

I hate the argument, “God made marijuana so I can smoke it.” Not true. God made it to protect the plant it lives in from bugs, etc. Marijuana is a POISON. It kills bugs and takes a toll on the body.

God made the poison arsenic and ammonia, too. Should you drink them or smoke them like marijuana? It’s a dumb argument to say, “God made it…it’s natural, so I can smoke, drink, snort, shoot it, or inhale it.”

God looks at your heart for why you are taking the drug!

Read The Heart of Addiction for more on this topic by one of my favorite authors! (I am winking and grinning now!)

-Mark (God protects us from ourselves)