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If you happen to be one of those faithful readers who visits our blog on a regular basis (if you aren’t you should be!!) you probably have at one day or another clicked the link in the right hand corner of the screen labeled  verse of the day

Sometimes I myself just log on and click the verse to see what encouragement God’s Word will bring.  Well TODAY is such a day! 

The verse embodies what we at Truth in Love Ministries are all about…. TEAMWORK!  Take a look for yourself.. We were meant to operate with the assistance of others, not on our own island…

After viewing, please comment on what other  verses in the Bible you may share that note TEAMWORK and STRENGTH IN NUMBERS….


-Jason  (God’s Word is always right on time!)


p.s.– Thank you to BIBLE GATEWAY who provided us the link to have a verse of the day app on our blog!


The first person to post a verse involving teamwork in the Bible on this blog will receive a $10.00 starbucks gift card!!!   (regular visitors are WELCOME to participate!)