Here’s a list of right actions with the wrong heart motive in parentheses ( ) :

Church service (for the glory of SELF and not for the glory of God – I Cor. 10:31)

Church attendance (for the wrong reason of meeting others, socially OR thinking you get a “checkmark” in heaven)

Reading the Bible (for ammunition to hit someone else over the head with the Bible)

Marriage (for selfish reasons to achieve my dreams rather than to serve my future spouse) 

Salvation experience like walking down the aisle (for the reason of peer pressure OR to get my parents/spouse off of my back)

These are merely examples of RIGHT actions with the WRONG heart attitude and motive. Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of some of these. Thankfully, we have a forgiving God in Christ Jesus our Lord!

-Mark (becoming more aware of my heart’s desires and praying God will continue to change my heart’s desires to be what pleases Him – Ps. 19)