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Mary and I are headed BACK to Romania. We first went in January of 2013 and now are planning to be there teaching at Areopagus again November 8-9th.

In January, I taught the biblical approach of addiction. I preached at 2 churches and I was on a 30 minute radio program. It was an amazing trip.

In November, I am teaching the TEAM model of biblical counseling with a special emphasis on establishing a local church counseling ministry. This trip is what TIL is all about – counseling in the local church in teams of two!

It’s exciting to think that these students will be doing biblical counseling in the contexts of their local churches helping trafficked women, drunkards, idolaters, troubled marriages, rebellious teenagers, ministry leaders battling depression, and the like – all in Romania. I am truly honored to be serving with Grace Fellowship in Florence, KY. Pastor Brad Bigney is leading his church and sponsoring missionaries like Doug and Diane Markesbury who selflessly give of their time, resources, talents, and treasures to serve the Romanian people!

-Mark (appreciate your prayers that God would be glorified through the faithful preaching of His Word)