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The Bible vs Self-Help Philosophies

How to Evaluate Today’s Programs Biblically

Self-Help Philosophies: A Biblical Evaluation 

Counselors, Pastors, and all Christ-followers will benefit from this audio course providing a biblical evaluation of self-help philosophies. Taught by Dr. Mark E. Shaw, this course will equip the learner to think critically about the types of counseling available in the world today, the importance of language in counseling, analyzing secular self-help groups like AA and Christian self-help groups like CR, common myths of addiction, and comparing idolatry and addiction based upon Ezekiel 14.

This course concludes with a practical application of the concepts you’ve learned: how to biblically counsel someone who has been exposed to 12 Step philosophies.

You will hear 7 audio lectures (each lesson ranges from 30-60 minutes in length), receive PDF listening notes to guide you through each lesson with supplemental charts, and be given PowerPoint presentations. 

This is a 5-unit course with 7 lessons total.

This course includes the following titles:

  • Comparison of Counseling Approaches 
  • Comparing Idolatry and Addiction: The Roots, Responses, & Results – Ezekiel 14:1-11
  • Myths of Addiction and the Biblical Rationales
  • A Biblical Critique of Secular and Christian Self-Help (3 Part Series)
    • Lesson 1: Words Matter (Because the Word Matters!) plus activity: Worldly Words vs. Godly Words
    • Lesson 2: Brief History and Analysis of Secular Self-Help
    • Lesson 3: Analyzing Christian Self-Help Groups
  • How to Graciously Counsel a 12 Stepper

This online course is for anyone who wants to learn more about self-help groups from a biblical perspective. 

Price: $47


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