Watch this five minute cartoon on YouTube that pokes holes in the circular reasoning and real comments made in the self-help industry:

The clip is called “AA don’t quit before the miracle.” Prepare to laugh at some of the ridiculous reasoning. And prepare to get sick at your stomach if you believe that there is hope in Christ alone for the heart of addiction because it is rarely found in self-help groups who promote any god/Higher Power will do.

Throughout the years, I have heard many of these same statements. This clip illustrates some of the flawed logic in the program.

I find self-help talk to be illogical in many ways: to say a person can make anything into a Higher Power is foolish. The line in this video that demonstrates the silliness of this comment is when it is said “you must turn your will over to the coffee pot” as though the coffee pot is one’s Higher Power and is capable of being a Higher Power. It is the picture of idolatry seen in Isaiah 44:9-20. Those who seek after idols become like them (dull, hard of hearing, and mute). The folly of idolatry is depicted in Isa 44 and also in this video clip on YouTube.

-Mark (rejoicing that God’s Word in the local church offers hope and solid answers for a lost, darkened, and dying world)