Is American churchianity encouraging addictive thinking?

It seems to me that what is commonly called “Christianity” in America is simply selfishness clothed, dipped, and immersed in “me, myself, and I.” People are encouraged to focus upon themselves in most churches which is addictive thinking at its worst!

For example, selfish prayer requests like, “Bless me, Lord” or “Heal me, Lord” or “I need a new job, Lord, would you give me one soon?” While it is NOT always wrong to pray for yourself, often we pray for what God can give us materially rather than for more wisdom, love, and grace to handle the situation God has sovereignly placed us in.

A better prayer might be, “Lord, I have cancer and I desperately want Your healing but even more than that, allow me to glorify Your Name whether I am healed or not.” For a Christian, we do not have to fear death so when we have a diagnosis of cancer, it should never derail or depress us to the point that we fail to glorify God. Never. We must always be about His glory in all situations! (Easier said than done, I’ll admit.)

This is one example but I see a trend in the American church that disturbs me greatly: some churches are encouraging addiction-like thinking! Encouraging people to think they deserve blessings, are entitled to better things, are consumers not givers, irresponsible rather than obedient, unthankful and critical, and rebellious since their is little shepherding and submission required. These are all attitudes that a drug addict has (see Addiction-Proof Parenting for more details on these mindsets) and the American church is encouraging it unwittingly in many cases.

So think through your church and your reasons for attending. Are you there to receive a blessing or be a blessing?

-Mark (wanting to see selfish Christianity and addictive thinking in churches die and be replaced with the mind of Christ)