Thank you all for standing with us for the Bible as sufficient to help us change into the image of Christ!

What is counseling but an opportunity to offer people an evaluation of their thinking, speaking, and acting in order to bring about change? That’s simply what counseling is!

What book is better for a counselor to utilize than God’s Word to help Christians to conform their thinking, speaking, and acting to God’s standards and His BEST for their living? Why do we need secular people who hate God to tell us their man-centered opinion on how we need to think, speak, and act?

I want to know what pleases God and the only place I’ll find it is in the pages of Scripture! I’m glad that we have Christian biblical counselors filled with the Holy Spirit and knowledgeable about the Word of God who can speak the truth in love to me and our counselees!

-Mark (thankful for those of you who stand with us for the sufficiency of Scripture)