I could blog about a drug-related story at least every day if not three times per day. And each of them is sad in its own way.

A very grotesque news report out of Missouri involves a 48 year old meth addict who sexually abused an 8 year old girl and fed her meth. Yes, you read that correctly: he fed her meth.

I hear people say that there is going to be a special place in hell for people like this lawbreaker but there really doesn’t need to be a special place since hell is horrific in all of its descriptors anyway. Hell is truly awful beyond our comprehension which is why most of us don’t live in fear of it. We have a hard time conceiving of such a place. Hell is precisely where all sinners will go who fail to truly repent for their sins and cry out in repentance and faith in Jesus for His mercy and grace provided for salvation.

This man’s actions make my stomach turn. It is yet another example of the power of drug addiction to warp a user’s mind leading the user to do things that are reprehensible. I hear real life stories like this in my counseling. I wish I could say that this news story is a one-time, rare occurrence but it is not. This type of behavior, especially sexual sin, accompanies drug abuse frequently. Frequently.

But here’s the scandalous truth about the Gospel: there’s hope of salvation even for a wicked sinner like this Missouri man if he confesses, repents, and places his faith in Christ Jesus alone for eternal life. Hard to believe but true nonetheless. (See John 3) Any sinner can find salvation in Christ alone – no matter what the sin might be.

-Mark (offering biblical solutions for drug addiction for willing persons so that we can prevent atrocities like the one described in the above news story from occurring)