I recommend you go to http://www.christiancounseling.com/ and watch their 11 minute video clip that comes up when you visit their website. You don’t have to do anything but click on the link above and the video will begin.

This organization, ABC, the Association of Biblical Counselors, is seeking to unite Christian counselors everywhere. They have a conference in May of 2009 that will feature speakers from AACC and NANC along with Dr. Paul David Tripp.

I am a member of ABC because I want to promote utilizing the Word of God in Christ-centered, biblical counseling. One of our slogans is “reclaiming the care of souls to their rightful Owner” which is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd!!!

Join us at TIL and take our biblical counseling training courses as we endeavor together to exalt Christ and not human effort (the secular approach). Sigmund Freud began his practice on Easter Sunday in direct defiance to God.

Though secular counseling is prominent today, we who are trusting in the power of Christ must reclaim counseling which belonged to the Christian Church before Wilhelm Wundt and Sigmund Freud!

-Mark (thankful to be promoting the truths of God’s Word in the love of the Holy Spirit)