Jason Cooke, Shirley C., Bill Mann, Sam, Justin, and Jason Gray who worked like the Energizer Bunny to make our Cookout Celebration a success! They all put in a TON of work and I hope they rested on Sunday! They all deserve it in my opinion!

There are others to thank, also, like Barry & Joy Bruce, Jack, Michael D., Brian R., Lindsey, and so many others who helped us set up and break down this event. Thanks to our officers and Board members and their spouses!

Thank you to our donors, too, who enabled our financially-strapped ministry to even have this event. Without those special donations, we would not nor could not have had this celebration of what the Lord is doing through Truth in Love Ministries!

Final thanks, but most important thanks, goes to the Lord Jesus Christ Who is abundantly blessing this ministry which belongs to Him – and Who joined us by providing 2 rainbows at the beginning of this event to show His blessing upon us! What an awesome God we serve!

-Mark (thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate Christ with us)