TAC Podcast Series: A Biblical Critique of 12 Steps

Study Guide [1]

Complete one Study Guide for each of the 14 podcasts (Introduction, 12 Steps, Wrap-up).

  1. What is the biblical refute for the step discussed in this podcast?
  2. List the three most important principles, ideas, or insights you learn from this podcast.
  3. Note when you disagree with the podcast host and/or guest and in two or three sentences write out your reasons for disagreeing.
  4. List any changes you believe the Lord would have you make in your thinking or life because of what you heard in this podcast.
  5. Write out a plan to implement these changes in your life by answering these three questions (Ephesians 4:22-24):

A. What will you need to stop doing?

B. How will your thinking need to change?

C. What will you need to start doing?

[1] Adapted from Homework CD for Biblical Counseling by Howard A. Eyrich, D.Min. & Bill Hines, D.Min. Used by permission.