Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Teen Challenge’s women’s program. I came away VERY impressed at their approach. They are tough but very loving to those ladies. They speak the truth in love while serving both men and women at two separate locations (which I highly recommend programs that separate men from women).

Addiction is a very difficult topic to address biblically but Teen Challenge is dealing with it as a sin issue and as a spiritual problem. I gave them a few of my books on the topic and follow-up with them indicated they are very receptive to the biblical approach to addiction which is dealing with the sin issue of idolatry in one’s heart! As you know, this is a problem that is very close to my heart – no pun intended (The Heart of Addiction, Cross Talking, Divine Intervention, etc. available through

Teen Challenge is a program for ADULTS. They used to serve teens but changed the population without changing the name!

Go to for more information.

-Mark (glad to know that programs are turning to the Word of God more and more these days because God’s Word is all we need to listen to!)