Don’t we say the dumbest things when we speak Christianese?

The word, “minister,” means “to give service to the necessities” so someone who says after a praise song, “That really ministered to me,” is saying that the really served them and made them feel good. Does that happen sometimes? Yes. Is it man-centered rather than Christ-centered? Often, yes. Is worship about us or about Christ? Who should be more pleased at our worship: us or Christ?

The answer is Christ.

Yet I hear people say, “I just got my worship on at today’s service” as though the whole event was centered around their good pleasure rather than pleasing Christ (2 Cor. 5:9).

What other phrases in Christianese can you think of that are man-centered and truly reflect most people’s attitude and lack of understanding of worship?

-Mark (barely speaking English well much less Christianese)