A new ministry of Truth in Love Ministries has been launched called “The Addiction Connection” and we are excited about this new focused initiative on addiction at: www.theaddictionconnection.com     Be one of the first to go to this website as it is about a day “live” now!

We’ve put together a national team of committed Christ followers to begin providing three things:

1) A Resource Network – counselors, programs, and churches that help addicts; books; helps, and more in the days ahead

2) Training on the Biblical Approach for Addictions of all types

3) Certification in Addiction Biblical Counseling (called the “ABCC” = Addiction Biblical Counseling Certification)

Counselors, programs, and churches with programs will be listed on the resource network. We plan to have blogs posted, a message board, chat rooms, video testimonies, video training, CEU’s (continuing education units), and more in days ahead.

You can find counselors, programs, and churches that reach out to those who are struggling with an addiction on the website that have a truly biblical approach to addiction!

We are VERY excited about this new ministry and are grateful to have leaders serving with us from New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Washington, and more to come!

-Mark (fired up about what God is doing!)